The Company's Backbone

Our Team

Ts. Syahmi Sadan

Managing Director

A natural born leader like a lion, Syahmi is respected by those around him. He is able to think ahead and anticipate the needs of his team.

Syazwan Ariff

Marketing Director

Acting like an owl, known for its wisdom and deep thinking, Syazwan is gifted at strategizing and planning to solve complex problems.

Ashikin Arina

Admin & HR

Like a Mama Bear, Ashikin acts as a mother figure to the employees. She is friendly to everyone and a fierce protector of the company.

Hasif Othman

Business Development

Hasif is bold and ambitious, with a vision as clear as an eagle. He is willing to take risks and is motivated to move forward.

Afiq Ghazali

Public Relation

Afiq has a strong character like a kangaroo. To provide the best quality possible, he knows where to focus his attention and efforts.

Mohammad Thaqif

Project Manager

Thaqif, like an ant, is naturally hardworking and reliable. He is always striving to complete tasks to the best of his ability.

Syahir Sadan

Asst. Project Manager

Following the bees' trait, Syahir believes in the value of hard work and is willing to put in the time and effort necessary to ensure that the job is done right.

Hafiz Shahman

Software Developer

Like a smart crow, Hafiz is quick-witted and able to think outside the box, impressing others with his unique and original ideas that suit his job role as a programmer.

‘Aisyah Khumaira'

Software Developer

As curious as a cat can be, Aisyah enjoys exploring her surroundings. She is a young programmer who is independent, adaptable, and uniquely herself.

Adilla Hussin

Web Designer

Similarly to an octopus, Adilla also has the ability to solve problems in unique and creative ways. She is curious and eager to learn more about her role as a web designer.

Izzat Fahmi

Graphic Designer

As is well known, Izzat's creativity is similar to that of a parrot. He is a true creative force, constantly coming up with new and innovative ways of looking at things.

Nurul Huda


Following a horse character,
Huda is able to understand and respond to her surroundings in a thoughtful and calculated way.

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+6013 909 0717

Our Address

B4-G-26 Block 4, Persiaran Sukan, Laman Seri Business Park,
Seksyen 13,
40100 Shah Alam, Selangor


We are the best world Information Technology Company. Providing the highest quality in Hardware, Software & Network solutions.


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