What you should know before CCTV installation

In a world where safety is super important, choosing to install Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) is like taking a smart step to make your place more secure. Before you start putting up the cameras, it’s really important to learn some things. 

This helps make the whole CCTV setup less confusing, and it gives you the power to make smart choices. So, let’s talk about what you should know before you start installing CCTV. It’s all about making your space safer and knowing what to do.

How CCTV camera works

CCTV, or Closed-Circuit Television, is a sophisticated surveillance system that uses cameras to transmit signals to a specific set of monitors. These cameras operate on the principle of capturing video footage and transmitting it through a closed circuit to a limited set of monitors, providing a secure means of monitoring spaces.

Subsequently, the owner of the CCTV camera can retrieve and review the recordings. Additionally, many CCTV cameras offer the capability to be monitored in real-time while simultaneously recording.


Wi-fi usage

Modern CCTV systems often come equipped with Wi-Fi capabilities, allowing for wireless transmission of video data. This feature enhances flexibility in camera placement, eliminating the need for extensive wiring. However, it’s vital to consider potential Wi-Fi interference and signal strength to ensure a reliable connection for seamless surveillance.


How many CCTV needed

Determining the number of CCTV cameras required depends on the size and layout of the area you intend to monitor. Conducting a thorough security assessment will help identify vulnerable points and strategic locations for camera placement. 

Factors such as blind spots, high-traffic areas, and points of entry should be considered to maximize the effectiveness of your CCTV system.

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6 steps for CCTV installation

Here we list out 6 easy steps to install CCTV for your knowledge:

Gather your equipment

cctv installation

Before embarking on the installation process, ensure you have all the necessary equipment, include:

  • Ladder
  • Fish tape
  • Screwdriver
  • Screws
  • Power drill
  • Hammer

Usually, your CCTV camera is likely to come with some tools and equipment.


Pick camera location

Strategically selecting the location for your CCTV cameras is crucial for optimal surveillance. Consider factors such: 

  • Camera’s blind spot 
  • Potential obstructions 
  • Lighting condition. 

Proper camera placement enhances coverage and ensures that critical areas are under constant monitoring.


Attach the camera

cctv installation

Securely mount the CCTV cameras in the chosen locations using appropriate fixtures. Ensure that the cameras are positioned at the correct angles for maximum coverage. Weatherproof and tamper-resistant housing may be necessary, depending on the environmental conditions.


Start the Wiring

Carefully route the cables from the cameras to the DVR and power source. Conceal wiring where possible to deter tampering and maintain a neat installation. Adhere to safety guidelines and regulations during the wiring process to avoid potential hazards.


Run the system

After completing the physical installation, configure the CCTV system settings. This includes setting up recording parameters, adjusting camera angles, and ensuring proper synchronization. Regularly test the system to identify and address any issues promptly.


Price range for CCTV installation in office

The cost of installing CCTV in an office can vary based on several factors, including the number of cameras, type of cameras, additional features, and installation complexity. 

On average, businesses can expect to invest anywhere from RM900 to RM5,000 for a comprehensive CCTV system. 

It’s advisable to obtain quotes from reputable security system providers to get a more accurate estimate tailored to your specific office security needs. Keep in mind that the initial investment is a valuable contribution to long-term security and peace of mind.

Contact us now for a consultation and take the first step towards a more secure future! Our CCTV installation services offer cost-effective solutions to fit various budgets, providing top-notch security without compromise.

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